Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO)

Minimise your carbon footprint and improve air quality with 100% renewable drop-in diesel replacement HVO


Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is a fossil-free, low carbon drop-in diesel replacement product made from 100% renewable waste, residues, and vegetable oils. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% in addition to sizeable reductions in tailpipe emissions, HVO allows customers to significantly reduce their environmental footprint.


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Benefits of using HVO

  • Fully reportable reduction of carbon supporting sustainability objectives
  • Produced from 100% sustainable renewable waste feedstocks; sustainability certification is available with every order
  • Accredited with EN15940 standard for paraffinic fuels
  • Drop-in replacement for standard diesel and gas oil- no retrofit required
  • CFPP (Freezing Point) of -40oC
  • Reduced maintenance requirements with a storage life of over 10 years

Why choose HVO?

  • With renewable feedstocks such as plant and food waste, HVO users are able to reduce their carbon emissions by up to 90% well to wheel
  • A significant reduction in NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) emissions and PM (Particulate Matter) providing improved air quality for those working in and around the site where fuel is being burned
  • HVO is more stable than conventional diesel products when stored and lasts longer in the tank which in turn reduces the risk of water ingress, microbial growth overall risk of contamination
  • With a freezing point of -40oC, there are no concerns over performance through winter compared with traditional forms of biodiesel

Drop-in diesel replacement

  • HVO is a drop-in diesel replacement and it’s EN15940 standards ensures approvals and warranties with most engines and OEMs, without the need for any changes to assets or existing fuel infrastructure
  • With no engine or plant modifications required, users can just fill up and go!
  • Can be blended with standard diesel products removing the need to drain existing products before use

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Fuelling change for your business with environmentally friendly HVO

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Our portfolio of standard fuel products including ULS Diesel & ULS Gasoil ensures you have access to the highest quality fuels from the most reliable sources at all times, complimented by our range of alternative fuels to help you lower emissions, reduce carbon footprint and minimise environmental impact. Products include Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO),  Esso Diesel Efficient, Used Cooking Oil Methyl Esther (UCOME)

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