Introduction of E10 Fuel in the UK

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Last week the Government announced the introduction of E10 fuel to all UK petrol stations from September 2021. The announcement comes as the UK pushes towards a greener future within the transport sector. E10 has already been introduced in other countries including France, Germany, Belgium and Finland, this eco-friendly blend of petrol and ethanol means it will cut CO2 emissions from the transport sector by roughly 750,000 tonnes a year which is the equivalent to 350,000 fewer cars on the road.

E10 fuel is a higher blend of petrol and ethanol made from low-grade grains, sugars and waste food. Currently available across the country is a lower blend of 5%, known as E5 which will continue to be available due to several older and classic cars not being compatible to use E10. Most petrol cars since 2011 are compatible with the use of E10 as they have been designed to use it effectively.

The new blend will help the Government meet their ambition to reach net zero by 2050. This news will bring changes across the whole transport sector and will not only have great environmental impact, it will also expand job opportunities as a biofuel plant will be reopened in the North East [1].

We welcome the introduction of E10 across the UK as it continues to move us as a nation in the right direction towards a sustainable future and is a key factor in fuelling change. We offer a suite of sustainable fuelling solutions including alternative diesels and biofuels to provide solutions for all of our customers with clear sustainability objectives.



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